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  • 100% Pure, RAW Butters

    Nourishing butters that are made from 100% cold-pressed extracts of nuts, seeds, or beans which melts directly into the skin. Our butters are pure, natural, unrefined and of the finest quality which comes directly from Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

    Pearl butters are great to add as part of a cosmetic component, balms, lotions and moisturising products.

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  • Pearl Natural Oils

    We source our oils where the plants grow natively from the finest farms around the world, producing high quality products that are GMO free and NOT tested on animals.

    Our oils and butters are sourced worldwide from countries such as Morocco, Sri Lanka, France, Ghana, the Philippines and Spain

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  • Essential Oils

    Pearl essential oils are produced worldwide, they are pure, natural and unadulterated. Our essential oils are of the finest quality and are all steam distilled.

    The outcome is a highly concentrated essential oil with the fragrance and essence from the plant which it was extracted. This not only includes the superior scent but also the plants healing properties and other characteristics.

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  • From a- z

    Can't find something you're looking for? We can supply a huge range of carrier oils, essential oils and butter. Contact us by telephone or e-mail info@pearlnaturaloils.com

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Welcome to Pearl Natural Oils

We sell natural, GMO free essential oils, carrier oils and butters

Pearl Natural Oils is part of a family run business which sells natural oils both locally and globally.

It was created by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts with a background in Psychology and personal interests in the psychological aspects of natural and essential oils linked with stress reduction and the impact it can have on our body and wellbeing.

We firmly believe in making sure all our products are pure, safe, and free of chemicals, we strive to provide affordable and quality products that fit the needs of many. We all believe that health and wellbeing comes first and we want to inspire our customers to join us on this journey.

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