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Our Story

Pearl Natural Oils was created by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who are inspired by our love of the Ocean. We all have a background in Psychology and Teaching and have personal interests in the psychological aspects of natural and essential oils linked with our wellbeing. We firmly believe in making sure our products are pure, safe and free of chemicals, we strive to provide affordable and quality products that fit the needs of many. Our belief is that our health and wellbeing comes first, we want to inspire our customers to join us on this journey.

Commitment to Quality

To continue building our vision to serve you the best natural oils we operate as a family dedicated to hard work, passion and commitment to ensure your satisfaction.

We have close business relationships with our manufacturers in Morocco, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Philippines, Spain and many other areas in the world. Our Organic Argan Oil comes directly from South Morocco where the Argan Oil is harvested from a sustainable source to produce Argan oil in its purest form.

Our Shea Butter is direct from Burkina Faso & has been hand crafted by local women of the sub-Saharan Savannah-Sahel. Pearl Cocoa Butter also comes direct from the Ivory coast where the finest Cocoa Butter is produced and extracted from the Cocoa bean.

Our oils and RAW ingredients are sourced from around the world and are cruelty free.


Contributing to a healthier cleaner green environment is something we firmly believe in.

Wherever possible at Pearl Natural Oils, all reusable materials are recycled; newspapers, junk mail and processed documentation are all shredded and used as packaging material for our customer orders, plus all our bottles are recyclable!

Where possible, we offer our customers an option of either glass or plastic bottle.